Amateur Musician Earns $27,000/year Making Search Engine Optimized Music

CC-BY Nelson Pavlosky

Are you looking for a surefire way to get your music to the masses? It may be simpler than you think. Amateur musician Matt Farley has made a name for himself by creating search engine optimized music — and it’s paying off. Farley has reached an improbably large audience, and made more than $27,000 from his songs in 2014.

“I realized people will type weird stuff into search engines, and there’s not always songs for the stuff…If you search for ‘love’ on iTunes or Spotify, you’re going to get something like 15 million songs. If you search ‘monkey,’ you’re going to get fewer.”

Farley records whenever he’s not working his day job at a group home for teens. To date, he’s written more than 16,000 songs about everything from celebrities to office supplies. His goal is to ultimately quit his day job and make music full-time.